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What Happens To Sally In ‘Barry’ ? Explained | Barry Season 4 Ending Explained | HBO

Barry Season 4 Ending Explained What Happens To Sally In ‘Barry’: HBO’s Barry after returning for its fourth and final season has not only taken it up a notch but delivered great episodes in terms of story and character development as it took a time jump.

Now, the series finale of Barry has been released today and how the whole thing wraps up is interesting and meaningful at the same time. Barry starring Bill Hader who not only starred but also directed almost all the Episodes is the mind behind this humane show. Without further ado, let’s get into what happened in Barry in its series finale.

Barry Series Finale Explained: What Happens To Sally?

Sally who had known Barry right from their theatre days runs away with Barry after Barry escapes prison and they keep moving after some time since they’re fugitives. They have a son named John but they aren’t in a healthy relationship. Sally is trying hard and it is pretty evident from her work life and personal as well.

After Barry goes to LA to kill Gene, she follows him with John in order to stop John and put an end to this whole thing but gets kidnapped by Hank. After the shootout between Fuches’s gang and Hank’s, everyone dies other than Sally, Fuches, and John. Fuchs delivers John to Barry and leaves.

Later that night, Sally asks Barry to turn himself in and that is the only way he can redeem himself but Barry chooses not to and finds Sally missing along with John. Barry goes to find Sally and John and Gene’s house where he gets killed and the next scene, we see is Sally in a theatre play in a college where her work is being appreciated.

John has grown up and Sally is comfortable in her own company when someone approaches her but she turns him down. We see a great character development of Sally right from her low times to high and rock bottom to where she’s comfortable and happy.

Barry is currently streaming on HBO.



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