Re/Member Post Credits Scene Explained: Netflix’s latest Japanese horror thriller drama film, “Re/Member,” is based on the manga character Karada Sagashi, written by Welzard and Katsutoshi Murase.

This film is directed by Eiichiro Hasumi, and the story revolves around a group of high school students who get stuck in a time-loop game where they must complete the game under the circumstances to save themselves with the red person.

Whereas in this article, I am trying to break down the post-credit scene that we see after the film ends, and the scene is somehow connected to the sequel to the movie, which we see in this article. Also, be aware that this film is now streaming on Netflix in English and Japanese, which you must check out.

After the film ends, we see that the newspaper where the news about the death of Miko Onoyama is is there, but we also see that the blood starts splashing all around the newspaper, whereas the blood spread towards the face of Miko, and we see that the face of Miko changed to that of another girl of her age, and the name also changes to Asuka Motisaki.

Ending ExplainedRe/member Movie Ending Explained

It means that Asuka is one of the new victims of the devil, and also that the devil is not dead yet, whereas the soul is now changed to Asuka, the new victim of the Red Person, and more about this will be revealed in the sequel if it gets greenlit, and after that, the Red Person will start chasing her after a 24-hour delay.

This is all the detail about the post-credits scene, which I tried to explain in a simpler way, and you must like it. In addition, if you plan to watch this film, you must read our review.

ReviewRe/Member Netflix Review: An Unique Horror Film With Time Loop

If you have already watched it, let me know in the comment box how much you liked it.



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