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How Did The Librarian Connect With The “Body Search” Game? | Re/Member

Mr. Yashiro in Re/Member: How did the librarian connect with the “Body Search” game? : Re Member is a Japanese horror thriller drama film based on the manga character Karada Sagashi, directed by Eiichiro Hasumi and written by Harumi Doki.

The story revolves around a group of high school teenagers who become trapped in a time loop game and must complete the game in order to break the loop completely.

Whereas in this article, I am attempting to break down all of the details about the librarian named Yashiro, as well as make clear how he is also connected with the game and more details about him, which we see in this article, keep in mind that this film is now streaming on Netflix in English and Japanese audios, which you should check out.

As the film progresses, we are introduced to Mr. Yashiro, a librarian whose character is kept in the shadows but later turns out to be one of the film’s biggest twists, where we learn that Asuka wanted to know what happened to Rie after the monster killed her and where we learn that Mr. Yashiro knows more details about the game.

ReviewRe/Member Netflix Review: An Unique Horror Film With Time Loop

Later, we see that he showed her a book named Comparative Study of Occult Culture Deciphering Body Searches, where we find that he was also a part of the game around 7 years earlier when he was in high school, but they didn’t remember more details about the game after the game was complete, and even he didn’t know about his friends.

While more information about the game is already available, if you want to know more than that, this is all about the librarian and how everything is connected with the game. While I try to clear up any doubts about the game and its motto, if you plan to watch this film, you must read our review first.

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If you have already watched it, let me know in the comment box how much you liked it.



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