Ramyug Review Mx Player: If you are judging the whole series just by trailer, trust me You are wrong, there were lots of negative publicity about the series regarding the cast, dress up, and other kinds of stuff but the series is not that bad, I just finished watching it and here in the post I am going to review the series.

The web series stars Diganth Manchale as Lord Ram, Aishwarya Ojha as Seeta, Vivaan Bhatena as Hanuman, and Akshay Dogra as Lakshman, the series also stars Kabir Singh Dohan Ravan and Navdeep Pallapolu, Anish John Kokken, Shishir Mohan Sharma, and others, the series is of total 8 episodes and all episodes are approx 40 minutes in length, the series is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu audio. The series is created by Kunal Kohli.

The biggest issue with this Modern Ramayan is that we can’t get over to that old Ramananda Sagar Ramayan, Arun Govil as Lord Ram can never be replaced, it doesn’t mean that this one is bad or actors have done a poor job, the issue is we can’t imagine anyone else, that Ramanand Sagar Ramayan has a great impact on us and we can’t imagine any characters except them, This modern version of Ramayan is less detailed, but have some unique concept and some different vibe.


Coming to the performances, Diganth Manchale is good in terms of performance but he fails to portray Ram on the screen, the major reason behind this is the Character of Ram written by the writer, Ram is Clam, Polite and Peaceful but in this version, he looks Angry, Aggressive and sometimes violent, His body language is good and he tried all his best to play such a huge character but somewhere he fails to bring that charisma on screen. Aishwarya Ojha is decent as Seeta, she looks pretty, calm, and beautiful, her dialogue delivery is decent but again she fails to bring that Charishma of Deepika on-screen. Akshay Dogra was brilliant in the role of Lakshman and he looks amazing, his dialogue delivery, expression, everything was up to the mark. Kabir Singh Dohan failed to bring that aura of Ravana, he looks more like Meghnath, his body language, Dailouge delivery everything was not even close to the Aura of Ravan (As described in Ramayana). The rest of the cast was decent and they have done a good job.


The best thing about the series is the Music, the music of the series is just superb, BGM sounds amazing, the songs, the sequences everything is just superb, Amitabh Bacchan’s voice adds more seriousness to the songs. The locations are equally brilliant and they look excellent, the ocean, The Panchvati scene everything was just amazing and beautiful. VFX is below average, Natural sequences look perfect, but those 10 Heads of Ravan were very terrible, it was very bad and it feels like some cheap VFX in a Bhojpuri film. The screenplay is very poor, the writing is very weak sometimes, the fight sequences and climax are little different and I liked this new idea. The episodes are lengthy and it degrades the series overall.

  • Name Of The Series: Ramyug
  • Release Date: 6th May 2021
  • Platform: Mx Player
  • Episodes: 08
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Did I Enjoyed it?: Very Few Parts
  • Recommended?: Not Sure


I am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the series, the series is a decent attempt to make a modern Ramayan, If you have nothing to watch, you can give it a try, There are some amazing sequence and you are going to love the music for sure, there are poor aspects too like Writing, VFX, and editing but still this series deserves at least one time watch.

The series is of a total of 8 episodes and you can watch all the episodes in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu audio on Mx PLayer for free, the episodes are of 40 Minutes Each. This was our Ramyug Review, what are your thoughts about it?, please let us know in the comment section.


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