Akshay Kumar’s Starrer Ram Setu Shocked everyone with the Day 1 Collection, even after the Mixed reviews, Word of Mouth worked for the film and the film collected decent on Day 1, Now many of our readers were confused about the Ending of the film.

I Finished watching the film a few hours back and you can also check the review of the film in our review section, but here I am going to answer some of your questions related to the ending of the show, So here goes the one-by-one;

The first and biggest question that comes into their Mind who was AP played by Satyadev, When Aaryan saw that Small Monkey outside his Apartment and then his son reading Anjani Putra Book, Then suddenly something flashes in his Mind and when he opens the Dairy of AP, he was shocked to see that only ‘Jai Sree Ram’ was written all over it. So the AP is Anjani Putra aka Lord Hanuman who comes to show the Path and save the team of Aaryan.

Now the next question arrives why he was carrying that Floating Stone along with Him, well there can be two theories, The religious theory can be, Lord Hanuman is Bhakt of Shree Ram and AP was keeping that stone in respect of Lord Ram as it belongs to Sri Ram.

Another theory is, It may be part of Destiny, AP aka Lord Hanuman was thereto show the Paths to Aryan and when his work is over he had to leave just to Complete this cycle, Keeping the stone was Part of his Plan and he knows that officer will come searching for the Stone and AP aka Lord Hanuman Uses that as an opportunity to leave.

At the end of the film, we get to see that the Court Agrees to the Conclusions and the evidence provided by the Aryan and Puts the Stay order on the work at RAM SETU.



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