Radhe Movie Review: Salman Khan keeps his commitment and the much-awaited 2021 film Radhe is now available on Zeeplex and Zee5 Premium users, I just finished the film and here I am with the review of the film, I am going to talk about the Performances, Story, drawbacks, and highlights of the film.

The movie stars Salman Khan, Disha Patni, and Randeep Hooda in the main lead roles, the movie also stars Jackie Shroff, Gautam Gulati, Megha Akash, and others in crucial roles, the movie is directed by Prabhudeva and an official remake of the Korean film The Outlaws. The movie is approx 110 minutes long and is suitable to watch with family, the movie is available on Zeeplex in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu Audio along with the English subtitles.


The story of the film revolves around Radhe ( Played by Salman Khan) who is an encounter specialist in Mumbai Police. Rana ( Played by Randeep Hooda) is a drug peddler and he enters Mumbai to expand his business when many youths of Mumbai commit suicide due to the drugs, the Mumbai police ask Radhe aka Salman Khan to catch the Rana. Radhe starts his investigations and here starts a race to cat and mouse between Radhe and Rana. What happens at the end? to know this you have to watch the full movie on Zeeplex.


Honestly speaking I liked Disha Patni Most, she is killing in the film with her moves, although her character makes no sense in the film, she is very good in the film especially during the songs, she looks stunner with her dance moves and expressions. Salman Khan is, as usual, his swag, dialogue delivery everything is a treat to watch for Salman khan fans, For a neutral person, he was decent, his romantic scenes were very awkward and there was zero chemistry between Salman and Disha. Gautam Gulati looks amazing, his makeover was awesome and he fits in his role.

Jackie Shroff was decent too in his role. I am a huge admirer of Randeep Hooda, I liked his performance in his last released Extraction and he was just a gem in that film, watching him like this after extraction was painful, his look lacks that fear and charisma of a brutal villain, although he was brilliant in fight sequences still he fails to give his 100%.


Fight Sequences – When you are making an action film you need some amazing VFX and some great moves, and the movie lacks here in all aspects, the VFX and filming of the fighting sequences were very poor, that bathroom fight sequence was terrible followed by that helicopter scene in the climax and then that scene where Randeep is hitting Salman, khan, with Iron Rod and Salman is like ‘ Mujhe Ghanta Fark Nahi Patda ‘. Salman Khan scene at the beginning where he enters by breaking glass was the Joke of 2021.

Songs- Songs of the film were good, but I don’t get the logic of song timing, there was a sequence when Salman has to chase that Villain but instead of that he decided to kiss Disha, and then here comes a song, I like two songs from the Film, Seeti Maar, and Zoom Zoom. Zoom Zoom song was just amazing and it brings Mass to the film. No comments on Salman Khan Dance movies nowadays. I miss that Old Salman Khan from ‘Mujhse Shadi Karoge‘.

Screenplay & Other Aspects- First you can’t make an original film, so you borrow the plot from films of other languages and then you decide to kill that film by adding your own mind. This was one of the weakest entries of Salman Khan. The screenplay has nothing to show, there is no thrill, no Suspense in the film and the movie lacks that thrilling element. The editing of the film is good and the VFX was very poor as I said earlier.

  • Name Of The  Film: Radhe
  • Release Date: 12th May 2021
  • Platform: Zeeplex
  • Runtime: 110 Minutes
  • Rating: 2/5
  • Recommended: For Salman Khan Fans
  • Family-Friendly?: Yes


I am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the film, this is 2021, You can’t make some old silly movie of the same story and expect audiences to love this, if you are looking for something new, skip this film, If you are Salman Khan fan and love his previous works like Race 3 and Dabangg 3, you can watch the film on Zeeplex. The movie has one plus point that you can watch it, with family.

This was our review of Salman Khan’s Radhe, what are your thoughts on it? please let us know in the comment box, for more movie reviews and news stay tuned with us.


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