Raahu Digital Rights

Raahu Digital Rights

Raahu Digital Rights : Telugu film industry is making some mind blowing thriller movie from last few years and 2020 new release Raahu is another one in the list , here we are going to discuss about the digital streaming rights, digital release date and all other details about the movie.

Raahu Streaming Partner & Release Date :

The digital streaming rights of the movie are owned by Zee and the movie is going to stream digitally online for the users for Zee5 on 16th May 2020, the users who have subscription of Zee5 premium can watch the movie on digital platform after its release. The digital release date of the movie is confirmed today by Zee5 , you can check the list of the movies streaming on Zee5 .

Raahu Television Rights :

For those who wants to know about the Tv and Satellite rights , the Tv premiere rights for this Telugu thriller in owned by Zee again , the movie would release on Tv on the regional channel of Zee Network in June 2020.

Raahu Movie Star Caste :

The movie stars Aberam Verma and Kriti Garg in main lead roles, the movie is directed by Subbu Vedula, the movie is produced by AVR Swamy, Raja Deverokona and Subbu Vedula himself. The music of the movie is composed by Praveen Lakkaraju. The movie is coming to cinema halls from 28th Feb. 2020.

The movie is receiving mixed reviews from the viewers after watching the movie , on twitter few users are loving the movie most while few are not , big media houses haven’t uploaded the review for the movie till now. It would be interesting to see how the movie works at the box office and for the viewers.

Have you watched the movie or waiting for it digital release date , if you have watched the movie please let us know , did you like it or not in comment section, for more updates of movies digital rights and release dates stay tuned to streamingdue.

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