Penalty Movie Netflix: Netflix is bringing the 2019 sports drama onto its database. The movie Penalty came and went and no one bit an eye over it, this is the reason why movies, like tumbled, don’t earn much because people in India don’t recognize the value of something while it’s there.

Well, the movie is based on a boy who hails from the North-Eastern part of India’s dreams to play football and the obstacles he has to cross to achieve it. Here in the post, we are going to tell you about the star cast, release date, and all other details about the movie.

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The movie revolves around a boy Lukram, who is from Manipur. We are introduced to him in the movie and we learn that he is a football fanatic. He is deeply into the sport and has one goal mind which is to play for the Indian Football team. To get closer to his dreams, he enrolls in a college based in Lucknow and joins the football team there.

But as it happens in real life, people are not so generous to others who come from North East because of several reasons like their mindset, or how they are brought up. The same happens with Lukram who is discriminated from others because of his looks, people call him names and always insults him even if he makes a simple mistake. He is not selected for the final team which creates a backlash in the college and thus the story unfolds of his redemption.

Penalty Movie Netflix Cast

The movie boasts actors like Kay Kay Menon, Shashank Arora and Lukram Smil in main lead roles, the movie also stars Manjot Singh, Bijou Thaangjam, Aakash Dabhade, and others.


The official trailer is available on YouTube so you can check it out there. The Trailer released 1 Year back On youtube, the trailer got a great response from the audiences, especially, North Eastern people, If You Haven’t checked, Here is trailer of Penalty.

Release Date

The movie is scheduled to stream on Netflix from 5th July 2020. The movie would release in Hindi audio, along with the English subtitles.

Penalty Movie Netflix Ratings & Reviews

The movie receives great reviews from the audiences due to it’s the great and unique storyline, below are the ratings from various media houses and websites.

  • IMDB – 7.2/10
  • Google – 4.9/5

Final words

How many times have we heard that people don’t get selected because they simply didn’t have the required amount of energy or talent ? I think many times, but we have heard another case like even if the player has talent and skill better than some of the players he/she gets rejected.

The movie tackles some of these situations and also the impact of race and discrimination based on it throughout it’s run time. It shows the reality that the North-Eastern people of India feel.


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