Parasite Movie Digital Rights : If you are here reading this blog and you are not from the Korea , you must be here because of 92nd Oscar awards for the best movie , for those who don’t know , Parasite a south Korean Dark Thriller comedy movie won the best film of year in 92nd Oscar. Here we are going to tell you about the digital rights, digital release date, DVD release date and blue ray release of the 2020 movie Parasite.

Parasite Movie Digital Release :

Movie released back then in May 2019 , but made headlines in Jan. 2020 after the Oscar awards , the movie released digitally on amazon prime video on 14th Jan. 2020 , You can go and watch online or rent the Korean movie parasite on Prime Video. You can also buy the DVD and blue ray version of the movie from amazon prime video store. You can also check more movie and series streaming on Prime Video.

The bad part about the movie is , that movie is regional language of Korea and if You want to watch this movie , you have to use English subtitles available with the movie , movie doesn’t have Hindi dubbed version or English versions of it.

Parasite Movie Hindi, Tamil, Telugu Dubbed :

There is no official information about the Hindi dubbed version of the movie , but chances are very high that we can get an Hindi version of this movie , either in the form of remake or in the for of dubbed versions , let’s wait for few months and see, any updates or information regarding the Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or any other language would be updated in the post.

Parasite Movie Star Caste :

The Parasite stars, ‘Song Kang-ho’ , ‘Lee Sunn-kyun’, ‘Cho Yo-jeong’, Choi Wo-shik and many more , the movie is dieted by Bong Joon-ho and produced by Kawaak-Sin-Aee , the story and the screenplay of the movie is written by director Bong himself. The movie has total run time of approx 2 hours and 12 minutes.

Parasite Budget & Box Office :

Parasite is content focused movie , the movie doesn’t need any VFX, Graphics or some strong computerized effect , the movie is an simple Drak Comedy Thriller movie , the movie was shoot the on low budget of only 11 Million dollars , the movie get huge, huge response from the viewers all over the globe , despite being in the regional Korean language , movie put total of approx 180 Million Dollars on the box office and movie is still running in few parts of world, Story and content of the movie were main factor and Oscar awards added another boost in the collections.

The movie gets lots of awards and nominations due to its strong content , the movie became the first non-English movie to won Oscar, the movie also won the Oscars for the best director, international feature film and original screenplay, the movie created history in 92nd Oscar awards.

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