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Our Blues Han-Su And Eun-Hui Review: Episode 1 & 2

A new K-Drama came into the light of the audience this year. Starting from April 9th to its finale on June 12th, 2022, stories from this show melted people’s hearts and made them feel weaves of emotions. Yes, you guessed it right. It’s “Our Blues”

Today we are here to review the first two episodes since the show has vibes of Anthology. All the stories in this show are based on the characters living on Jeju Island, Korea. All of them fall into the same universe and place. The show is all about their real-life problems and how they went through all those situations.

You can say that some episodes are relieving and some and just heart-aching. In this one, we will review the first two episodes called “Han-Su and Eun-hui 1 & 2”.

These two episodes are dedicated to two characters names Choi Han-su and Jung Eun-Hui played by Cha Seung-won and Lee Jung-Eun. Both are childhood friends and haven’t met for years. Han-Su left the Island long ago and now he is back in his hometown. He is married and his best friend Eun-hui is unmarried. What happens next when they meet each other? Well, you’ll need to watch the episodes to know that.

If we compare the length to the screenplay, it definitely is engaging. Despite having longer runtime, episodes finish very quickly. The vibe of Jeju makes this show and episodes a delight to watch. Old-fashioned and rural Jeju’s people and the way they love, live, and fight are pretty amazing.

Very light music and background score make the episodes a treat to watch. However, this is almost always impressive when it comes to K-dramas. The camera angles, set pieces, and real-life feel of the show are eye-soothing. In a lot of scenes, we can just pause and see it for hours. You will be keen to see how their story will end. Will they marry? Will they run away? Will their friendship end? There’s a lot to know; so why are you waiting? The episodes are streaming on Netflix worldwide.

If you have watched both the episodes; why not wait for my recap and explanation!?


  1. Pls review Alice in borderland. You’ll love it since you love kdrama. It’s japanese but I still think you’ll like it. Kinda better than squid game if you ask me. I like the way you don’t give ratings in your reviews and just go with the flow. Can’t wait to see your review!


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