Our Blues Han-su and Eun-hui Episode 1 & 2 Ending Explained

So you’re finally here. That means our choices match a lot. In our previous article, we talked about the first two episodes of Our Blues called “Han-Su and Eun-hui”. We reviewed it for those who were thinking if they should watch it or not. This article will be a spoiler-heavy and we are going to discuss a lot here.

The episode starts with all the lead characters and their introduction. The story starts with Eun-Hi going to the fish market for the auction. Seeing her negotiation, we can understand that she’s a cute and lovable grown lady who’s unmarried. After a few more characters, we get to see the second lead character of this story, Choi Han-Su.

We came to know that he is financially very weak and has sold his house as well for her daughter Bo-ram’s Golf career. He works at SS bank as a branch manager and he has a stroke of very bad luck in getting any money from his friends when he needs it.

The way he convinced a customer to invest in his bank shows his wittiness and experience in his banking field. At home, we can see that her wife lives in the United States with their daughter to support her Golf career. The show tells us how bad their situations are when the husband is short on money, the wife is doing a driver’s job to survive in the USA and their own home is sold too. His wife is more into keeping the Golf career of their girl put aside and focusing on the house and their life affordability.

Han-Su’s family including her sister is also not so happy with him since he is always short on money and cannot help with the treatment of their mother’s health. Her sister worked all the way upside down to send Han-su Seoul but he lost almost everything to his daughter Bo-ram.

Both the leads, Han-Su and Eun-hui meet on street for the first time when she was having a fight on street with a bad driver. Eun-hui cheers up like a little girl seeing his childhood friend and first love Han-su in his hometown Jeju Island. In the flashbacks, we get to know that Eui-hui had a major crush on Han-su. The episode ends with her remembering their first kiss.

The second episode starts with another story but we will get there in another article since it will be continued there. Further, in the second episode, a reunion takes place where both Eun-hui and Han-su meet properly for the first time after their long separation. Both sing Karaoke with their friends and spends a good time.

Both go to a beach in the early morning where Han-su runs and splashes himself in the sea and remembers his old days. During his first few days, he knows that Eun-hui is a rich woman who has earned a lot of money owning buildings and a coffee shop. At that moment, Han-su gets an urge to ask for 200 million from her bestie but couldn’t due to self-pity.

Both eventually after thinking decide to go to Mokpo where they had their sweet childhood memories. Oh, and they had their first kiss there as well! When they were younger.

Han-su keeps getting calls from her daughter that she wants to quit Golf. Han-su lies to Eun-hui that he and her wife are separated and they are not together. At Hotel in Mokpo, when Han-su leaves to buy a bottle of wine for both of them, Eun-hui gets a call from her friends turned into neighbors revealing the truth about his financial and marital status of Han-Su to Eun-hui. They request Eun-hui not to give him any money if he asks.

Now of course this was heart-breaking for Eun-hui so she at first keeps things to herself and asks Han-su the truth eventually when he comes back. He tells her the truth and she feels broken from inside. She tells her to go away and he goes back heavy-hearted after apologizing to her for everything.

Later, she feels bad for everything and calls him agreeing to keep their friendship as it was. Han-su, in his office, gets a message on his phone stating that he had received the money from Eun-hui. He sends the money back to Eun-hui realizing his mistake of being a borrower always by gambling on the lives of his family. His eyes get opened and he finally decides to respect his daughter Bo-ram’s decision of quitting the Golf and coming back to Korea.

The story ends with Han-su receiving his family back to Korea from the United States and going on a long trip since they met after so many years. Meanwhile, Eun-hui takes his diary and writes a farewell to his first love Han-su. Now I know you must be having a lot of questions regarding the ending of this story.

Did Eun-hui break her friendship with Han-su? Well, the answer is NO. She didn’t. The reason she wrote the farewell, was because her love kind of ended there. She realized that Han-su’s family will be the right choice. She locks her love for him deep inside her heart and decides to stay as his best friend forever.

Why can’t Han-su and Eun-hui be together? The answer is pretty simple. There shouldn’t be love involved with a married happy person and Han-su was married and somewhat happy with her family. He only had issues financially and he suffered years because of that.

Why did Eun-hui never marry? She was also an elder child in her family with lots of responsibilities. She dedicated her life to earning money and settling down her siblings’ lives. Her first love was Han-su and after he went to Seoul, she never loved anyone else as much as she loved him. And, there is always the burden of responsibilities right? So, that’s why she was single.

The story ended with an open ending and for sure delivered what the story promised.

Do you have any burning questions? Paint’em in the comments!

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