Operation MBBS Dice Media : In this lock down , few days back we found an awesome web series released by Dice Media based on college life Titled as Operation MBBS, in the post we are going to tell you about all the episodes, star cast and Review of the web series.

Operation MBBS Star Cast :

The Dice media series stars Ayush Mehra as Nishant, Anshul Chauhan as Sakshi and Sarah Hashmi as Huma in main lead roles , the series also stars Prateek Pachori as KC, Deepak Somawal as Canteen boy Akash, Shargun Khazania, Tonny Khanna and Mudit Malik. The series is produced by Unacademy and directed by Amrit Raj Gupta.

Operation MBBS Review 

The series is about the MBBS college and three friends Nishant, Sakshi and Huma, the series is story all of all these along with a funny character of KC played by Prateek. The series is full on comedy, emotions and drama. The story is well directed and played by all the actors, the series connect with the real MBBS students with its originality , you can say it is the another version of Kota Factory. You can also check the list of all series available on Dice Media . Its a must watch for all those who loved the college based web series.

Operation MBBS Episode 1

The First episode of the series is titled as Infection, the series stars with the introduction of Nishant, sakshi and Huma , the first episodes begins with rivalry and ragging between 3 of them along with the entry of the fourth funny character KC. The episode released on 22nd Feb. 2020

Operation MBBS Episode 2

The episode 2 of the series titled as the Diagnosis, after funny and awesome episode 1 , get ready for some drama in episode 2 , the all three KC, Huma and Sakshi came to know that Nishant is son of big doctor and they are reading the books written by him , it hurts for nishant as he was judged by his father from log ago and this was happening again.

Operation MBBS Episode 3

The episode three of dice media’s Operation MBBS is titled as complications , as the name suggests , get ready for another drama , they able to solve the earlier complications that happened in Episode 2, its time for Mid term results now and a un imaginable thing happens during the result that no one had expected and this is surely going to draw huge gap in friendship of these 3 , what’s that see in episode

Operation MBBS Episode 4

The ep 4 of the Operation MBBS titled as surgery , after the big fight in episode 3 , sakshi , nishant and Hum are not talking to each other , a news comes that Nishant father was beaten by some goons , while going between all these tension can they reunite ?

Operation MBBS Episode 5

The last episode the season finale is titled as recovery , as you are already aware of the fights , recoveries and friendship, Huma and sakhi are competing with each other to get first rank , Akash has to give NEET , all these things are going to happen , to know you have to watch the finale , the last episode of the series.

Operation MBBS Season 1 All Episodes :

There are total 5 episodes in Season 1 of Dice Media Web series Operation MBBS, all are released on the youtube channel on Dice Media.

Episode No .TitleYoutube Link
Episode 1InfectionWatch On Youtube
Episode 2DaignosisWatch On Youtube
Episode 3ComplicationsWatch On Youtube
Episode 4SurgeryWatch On Youtube
Episode 5RecoveryWatch On Youtube
Operation MBBS Episode 6 or Season 2 ?

The series ends with lots of questions unanswered, is Akash able to crack NEET, who was the first rank in the final exam , is KC bro able pass or not , all these questions are going to be answered in Season 2 , although there is no official announcement but we hope there would be season two of Operation MBBS.

What do you think about this series , please let us know in comment section , for updates on web series and digital rights of the movie , stay tuned to streamingdue.


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    One of the best series to date I have watched. eagerly waiting for Season-2.
    Though I am not a medical student, I really enjoyed . each and every character is real.
    the most adorable character is Akash.

  2. Tanmoy Biswas on

    Very very nice. The series is excellent. People hsve acted in excellent manner. Eagerly wsiting for nxt sesson.

  3. I want to say about for this webseries..
    It’s amazing in one word I m saying
    Even I m not medical student or bio sites but I really loved it
    I m really very excited to watch next season even I searched many times for episode 6 when I could not then I search on google…
    Love it
    I hope next season is coming soon…❤️

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