Jio Cinema’s original film “One Friday Night” is now streaming on Jio Cinema. The film was directly released on OTT and is available to watch on Jio Cinema with Hindi audio and subtitles. The film is around 90 minutes long and suitable to watch with family and kids.

The story of the film revolves around Ram Verma, who was killed in his farmhouse. The main accused of the killing is Niru. Upon investigation, the police came to know that Ram was having an affair with Neru. When Ram’s wife Lata’s name came into the case, it became more interesting. Who was the killer, and what was the motive? To find out, you need to watch the full movie on Jio Cinema.

The story of the film is silly and predictable. The film lacks many things, and there are loopholes throughout the film. The plot and screenplay of the film look childish, and overall, the film looks like a dull thriller that never makes any sense.

Coming to the performances, the film stars Soman, Raveena Tandon, and Vidhi Chitalia in the main lead roles, with Vidhi being the standout star of the film. She has nailed her role and maintains a mysterious aura throughout the film. Other characters like Milind and Raveena were also good enough to watch.

The music, background score, and other aspects of the film are also poor. The execution and climax are terrible, and you might regret watching the film. I am going with 1.5 out of 5 stars for the film. What is your take on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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