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OMG 2 Movie Budget and Box Office

OMG 2 Movie Budget and Box Office: The most anticipated movie of this year has finally been released in theaters today. The buzz and excitement among fans are on the next level. Every critic is rating this movie with 4 stars, and there are still no negative reviews or ratings for this Social Courtroom Drama Movie.

Akshay Kumar’s screen appearance as Mahadev is totally magical on the big screen. This movie could be a perfect comeback for Akshay Kumar. Hopefully, he bounces back this time.

Now, let’s talk about the budget for this movie.

As per Wikipedia, the budget for the movie is 150 Crores. Yes, this is true. Special permissions were required to shoot this movie in Ujjain. Some sequences were shot during the lockdown, and permission was also obtained from authorities for the shooting. According to our reports, Akshay Kumar, who’s playing the role of Lord Mahadev, charged 35 Crores for his role.

This movie needs to collect at least 200-250 Crores at the box office. Do you think OMG 2 is capable of earning 200-250 Crores? It’s been a long time since Akshay Kumar has had a hit in Bollywood.



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