“OMG! Oh My God” was released in 2012 and filled every showhouse for more than 3 weeks. When it was released in theaters, many cases were registered concerning the film. In 2012, “Oh My God” was released, and after that, in 2014, the Rajkumar Hirani-directed film “PK” was released, which faced similar controversies.

However, despite encountering numerous controversies, the first part of “OMG!” gained a significant amount at the box office. Everyone is delighted to see Akshay Kumar return to this role.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1: 10.30 Crores
Day 2: 15 Crores
Day 3: 17 Crores
Day 4: 12 Crores
Day 5: 17 Crores
Day 6: 7 Crores
Day 7: 5 Crores
Day 8: 6 Crores
Day 9: 10 Crores
Day 10: 14 Crores
Day 11: 3-4 Crores*
Day 12: 2-3 Crores

Total Indian Net Collection: 119 Crores*

Total Worldwide Collection: 125 Crores*

“OMG! 2” had an overall 16% Hindi occupancy on its 11th day, which is really disappointing. Movies like “OMG! 2” should be declared tax-free, and this movie should be specially shown to teenagers and this generation.



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