Akshay Kumar deserves a successful film. “OMG 2” is successful, but he appeared for a lesser time on screen in it. Definitely, “OMG 2” is one of the most loved movies of this year. Some are saying that this is one of the best movies of this year so far. We also believe that seeing Akshay Kumar back in this role is so appealing on the big screen. “OMG 2” will definitely give you cinematic satisfaction. Hopefully, this movie grows more this weekend.

This movie has to perform well this week because next week “Dream Girl 2” is going to be released on the big screens. So, “OMG 2” has to perform decently this week.

Comparing “Gadar 2” and “OMG 2,” “Gadar 2” is minting 10-20 crores daily, while “OMG 2” is earning less than 9-10 crores. The hype for “Gadar 2” is unreal.

Day 9 Advance: 2 Crores

Till now, more than 90k tickets have been sold, and the approximate collection is 2.10 crores. This is good because of the weekend; the numbers are promising.


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