Ok Computer Review: I was so excited for the series by looking at its amazing concept and the cast, the series finally released on the Hotstar Platform, and here in the post I am going to review the series, I will talk about the Performances, Plot and few more highlights of the series.

26th March was such a busy day, approx 10 series released that day and I am finishing it one by one, the review of the rest series would be updated very soon, Ok Computer stars Vijay Varma, Radhika Apte, and others. The series has a total of 6 episodes and all episodes are now available on Hostatr in Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and a few more dubbed versions with English subtitles.


The story of the series starts in 2031, A Civilian was killed by a Self-driving taxi on the Road, and cyber Crime officer Saajan Kundu takes the charge to investigate the case, with so much technology around the world he starts investigating the case and reaches out at some shocking results, what was that? was it an accident or murder ? will Saajan Kundu able to crack the case, to know this you have to watch the 6 episode long series on Hotstar.


I was having lots of expectations from Vijay Verma and Radhika Apte, but they both fail miserably, Vijay Verma looks dull, I did like his comic timing much, he is an amazing actor but this role is just not for him, Radhika Apte is decent and there is nothing bad in her role, although her character misses that spark, still she was decent in her role. I was shocked to see Jackie Sharoff in that role, that was horrible and I don’t know whose idea was to cast him in a role like that, Rashika Duggal was good and she is the best among all in the series, The rest actors were just below average and there is nothing much to show.


The series starts Pretty well and it was going dam good and then all of sudden everything changes after the episode 2, the series turns into a Agenda and role of Jackie Shorff was  Joke, the series goes down down and down by each passing epiosde and ultimatley ends as a disaster. There are some idiotic dailouges like ‘Hindustan Mein Rehna Hooga To Hindi Bolna Hoga’ which doesn’t entertain at all, the VFX of the series was good and it was the first ever attempt in bollywood at large level, the screenplay is very poor after the intial episodes and the plot doesn’t make any sense at all. The BGM was decent and these were the only few things that i liked in the whole series.


I am going with 1.5 stars out of 5 for the series, avoid this, the series is complete waste of Talent, Money and time, i am still shocked how the makers approved it, i would not advice you to watch this, rest is upto You, the series is now released on Hotstar VIP with a total 6 episodes.

This was all about the Hotstar original series OK Computer Review, what are your thoughts on it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this stay tuned with STREAMINGDUE.


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