Oh Belinda Movie Summary & Ending Explained: Oh Belinda is now available on Netflix in English with English Subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The story is about a famous actress Dilara Başaran who is very beautiful and famous in her career, one morning while she was checking the scripts she came across a script for her first ad which is a commercial for a shampoo, and she has to play the role of an ideal wife, mother of two, as she takes care of her family and while at night coming from work she uses the product that they were adverting for known as Belinda.

Dilara was not happy with the script she calls her agent and says that she will not do this ad, but the amount she is getting paid is very much so she had to do this.

Her friends also started pulling her leg for taking this ad, but she finally goes to the shooting as soon as the shower scene came she closes her eyes to act perfectly, but as soon as she opened her eyes she found herself in the world of the character she is playing in the ad.

Her first attempt was the escape from there but she found this an impossible task, now in a new reality no one knows Dilara and even her friend can’t recognize her and her boyfriend is dating someone else, her apartment was also taken by someone else, at the end she has not stuck in the life of Handan the character she is playing in the shampoo ad.

She even tries to shampoo her hair with Belinda shampoo but nothing happens, now slowly she is trying to adapt to her new life she is the mother of two children. Then we came to know that Handan was having an affair with her sister in laws husband and they are trying to escape from there by taking the money from the bank where Handan is working now.

As she becomes frustrated she started throwing all the money she has stolen from the bank in rain from the roof, But after some time we hear a “CUT” sound from the director and she wakes up from her dream.

So the question is did Dilara really goes to the world of Handan, the answer is no she was not gone anywhere this is all due to her mind as soon as she closes her eyes she found herself in the place of Handan, and the actor playing the role of her husband she thinks that he is her real husband and the child actor her real children.

So the conclusion is that she is not gone anywhere the thing is in her mind and as the director says in the last she has given a perfect shot and the movie ends.



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