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Obsession Episode 1: Recap & Explained | Netflix

Obsession Episode 1 Recap, Cast & Explained: 2023 Netflix’s original Limited Series Obsession is Now Streaming on Netflix with 4 Episodes. The series was is the news since the release of the trailer. For all those who missed the episodes of the show, Here we are going to tell you about the Episode wise recap of the show.

Before Jumping to the episode-wise recap, Let’s have an Overview of the Story. The story of the show revolves around Dr. Farrow’s Family, His Son, and Her Girlfriend. How the Farrow’s Son’s Girlfriend is going to change everything in Farrow’s family, The show is all about that. Let’s Jump To a Recap of Episode 1.

The story starts in a hospital where Dr. Farrow is operating on twins. The operation is successful, and Farrow moves home with his wife, who was already there to pick him up.

The very next day, Farrow’s son Jay arrives, and a party is organized to celebrate Farrow’s successful operation. Here, Farrow meets Anna, who tries to seduce him. Farrow’s wife arrives at the party and then picks Farrow back home. In the car, Farrow’s wife asks if he met Anna, but he says no.

Farrow watches Anna having a romance with Jay. The next morning, Anna gets Farrow’s number from Jay’s phone and informs Farrow that she is coming home next week.

In the next sequence, we get to see Anna visiting Jay’s house and meeting Jay’s family. We also get to see Anna trying to seduce Farrow.

The next day, Anna calls Farrow to meet at 4 pm at her house, and Farrow can’t resist that. Farrow goes to Anna’s, and they become intimate with each other. Farrow can’t stop thinking about Anna. In the next scene, Jay and Farrow meet to discuss Anna, and the episode ends here.

The episode is super fast as of now, and the story is moving at a fast speed. Now, how will the relationship between Anna and Farrow impact their family? We will get to know in the next episodes.

What do you think about the show as of now?, Please let us know in the Comments. For more news and Updates, Stay Tuned with us.



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