The Netflix original Series is In Buzz since its trailer release, We are covering the episode-wise recap of the show. The show is a limited series and After the Episode 1 Recap, Here goes the Episode 2 Recap, the Ending Explained, and cast details for the show.

The second episode of the show starts with an intimate scene between Anna and William Farrow. Anna tells Farrow that she is surrendering herself to him, but he can’t do anything without her approval, and Farrow agrees to that.

When Farrow is about to leave, he sees Anna’s diary on the couch. Farrow asks Anna if he could read that diary, but Anna denies it.

The next day, Farrow asks Jay if everything is going well between him and Anna, and Jay says yes. In the next frame, we get to see Farrow in an important meeting, and all of a sudden, he gets a text from Anna to meet her at 6 pm. When Farrow reaches Anna’s flat, just before entering, he gets a message not to come to her flat. As Farrow was already there, he rings the bell, and a new lady, Peggy, opens the door. Upon asking, Farrow came to know that it was Peggy’s flat, and Anna was just looking after it.

At night, Farrow’s wife asked him if everything is fine between them. The next morning, Anna and Farrow meet again, and Farrow asks Anna what will happen if Jay comes to know about them.

After the intimate scene, Anna reveals to Farrow that she had a brother who died by suicide. Anna also tells that her brother used to love her and was obsessed with her, and when she rejected him, he killed himself.

The next morning, Anna and Jay were leaving for Paris. Farrow follows them, and at night, he calls from the hotel landline and asks Anna to come to the back of the hotel. There they again become intimate with each other, but Anna was not happy, and she said that he had broken the rule.

The next morning, when Jay and Anna leave the hotel, Farrow booked the same hotel and fantasized about Anna on the bed.

The next day, Anna meets Peggy, and she tells everything to Peggy. Peggy suggests that this is not a good idea, but Anna said that she would manage it.

On the other hand, Jay calls Anna and asks her if she is free tonight as he has to say something. Anna agrees to meet him. Jay proposes to her, and Anna says yes.

Episode 2 ends here, and now the series is going to be more exciting. Anna is now coming to William Farrow’s house, and now it will be interesting to see where the story follows in upcoming episodes.



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