Nishabdham Review: Anushka Shetty and Madhavan starrer Nishabdham finally arrived on Amazon Prime Video on 2nd October 2020. The movie has been directed by Hemant Madhukar. The thriller film was supposed to arrive in January but got postponed and released directly on the OTT platform. Here’s our review for the film.

  • Name Of Film: Nishbdham
  • Parental Guidance – Suitable For Everyone (Words Like F** and Bi**)
  • Duration: 2 Hours Approx
  • Platform: Prime Video
  • Recommended? : No


The movie starts off with a couple who get killed mysteriously by an entity on a Villa which is on the outskirts of Seattle. The Villa then becomes a haunted mansion in the eyes of the public. Decades later a young couple named Sakshi and Anthony arrives at the Villa. Anthony is a renowned musician and Sakshi is a painter, both of them start to look for an old painting in the house and we see that Anthony is mysteriously killed by someone and Sakshi barely gets out alive from the Villa.

The Police investigation into the case and find out that Sakshi’s friend Sonali has been missing for quite some time and speculates that Sonali might be the one doing all these killings. As she is very possessive when it comes to Sakshi and she didn’t want to share the love of Sakshi with anyone, plus she didn’t use to like Anthony. But as the movie goes forward, several revelations are made which leaves the viewer shocked!


The first half of the film is lousy, with no depth in the story, the movie just rolls on with forced humor and one-liners which doesn’t even make a person laugh. The characters of cops and captains are half baked and don’t have depth in them. The makers have tried to show layers in the characters but have failed miserably.

The story picks up momentum after the boring first half and keeps the flow till the end. The second half of the movie makes up for all the lousy first half to a large extent. But the script is lackluster. Overall the script fails to thrill and becomes highly predictable as the story moves forward.


Talking about the performances Anushka Shetty has done a commendable job playing the character of a deaf and mute girl. She has shown emotions through her facial expressions and has looked very beautiful in her role.

Madhavan again has done a great job in playing the complex role, but in some scenes, the depth isn’t seen in his performance. Subbaraju has a small-ish role in the film as he mainly gets screentime in the second half and he has done a good job. Shalini Pandey plays the role of a young girl who is possessive towards her friend Sonali and cares for them and she has done nice work. Others like Michael Madsen and Anjali have been underutilized and haven’t performed their best.

Final Verdict

The movie has a lethargic first half with no proper storyline or characters, even the acting looks hammed in it. But the story picks up in the second half and the performances also rise up by the actors. The background music is good enough to thrill you and keep you hooked. The movie could’ve done well if more depth into the story was there.

Rating: 2 stars

Review By – Ayush Gattani

This was our Nishabdham Review, what is your opinion about it? did you liked the movie or not? please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on the web and digital release stay tuned with us.


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