Netflix’s The Half Of It Ending Explained: Teen romantic drama the half of it released by Netflix is the new talk of the town, users and audiences all over the globe are juts loving it, while few of them are confused about the ending, like what happens at the end of the movie, Aster chooses to whom in last, we are here in the post trying to explain everything that happens in the movie.

The Half Of It Plot

We hope you all know about this but for just shake of recall we are telling this to you, The Half of it is a romantic teen drama based on the love lives of three college going students Aster, Ellie, and Paul. Paul loves Aster and to impress her, he asks Ellie to write a letter for her, Ellie keeps writing letters to her on Paul’s behalf and slowly she found herself in love with the Aster, and thus, a love triangle formed and series is all about that.

Before reading further we would like to warn you that there are spoilers ahead and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please save this page and then go and watch the movie, because there are lots of spoilers ahead.

The Half Of It Ending

In the movie, while in continuous talks and meetings with the Ellie, Paul got a feeling for Ellie too, when he tries to Kiss Ellie, Aster saw both of them and a blunder happens, Aster feels betrayed and Paul comes to know that Ellie likes Ater.

The ending of the movie was made wisely and it ends with a great lesson, one of the Indian web series, The Kota Factory has the similar ending for their first season, At the end of the movie The Half of It, everyone gets to know the meaning of true love, it’s all about loving ourselves, Paul got comfortable with Ellie homosexuality, Ellie finally chooses career over love and she goes out of Squahamish for further studies and in end, Aster got confused between Paul, Trig and Ellie but she also chooses a wise step and chooses her art all over these things.

The Half Of It Part 2 Coming Or Not?

We don’t think that makers would come with part 2 of the movie, the makers wants to end movie with the beautiful message and so they did that ending, we are not expecting any further part of the movie.

The Half Of It Message

The movie ends with the great message for the teens nowadays, it tells us the real meaning of love which most of us even don’t know, the real love doesn’t mean loving a person and romance, it means loving ourselves, loving art and taking good decision to build our bright future.

This of our explanation of Netflix’s The Half Of It Ending, what is your’s please let us know in the comment section, for more details on digital content follow us on social media you can also visit our forum for the discussion over various topics.


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