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My Perfect Landing Netflix

My Perfect Landing Netflix: Netflix is bringing a new Canadian tv show for it’s global audience. The show is focused on the age group of 6-18 which makes it a perfect category for Netflix’s show database.

The show is created by Frank Van Keeken who also created another Canadian tv show named The Next step. Here in the post, we are going to tell you more about the series like star cast, release date, trailer, and more.

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The plot follows the story of a family where everyone is a gymnast. They are pretty good at their work but a sharp turn comes into their life when they are forced by the situation to the movie to Toronto from Miami. The show focuses on the family’s struggle to adjust to their new surroundings and forget the old one.


The series stars Morgan Wigle, Tom Hulshof in main lead roles, the series also stars Helena Marie, Shawn Thompson, Natasha Zaborski, Jane Stephenson, and others. The show is created by Frank Van Keeken


The show’s trailer has not been released by Netflix as of now but we’ll keep you updated. If we think the trailer will come soon enough seeing the Release date of the show so it might arrive in the next week

Release Date

Netflix has announced that season 1 of the show will start streaming from August 1, 2020. The series and show would be in English audio along with the subtitles, Hindi belt users have to wait for more for the dubbed version of the series.

This was all about the My Perfect Landing Netflix, we would update if we found any more info about it, stay tuned with us, make sure to join us on Social media handles for faster updates and news. We would also post a separate review for the show, once it gets released.



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