After a massive hit of its previous seasons, Netflix is finally back with S3 of its much-acclaimed series Indian Predator this time it is titled “Murder in a Courtroom” and it’s based on the gruesome and spine-chilling crimes of Akku Yadav.

People who have watched “100: Halla Ho” movie Zee5 starring Barun Sobti and Rinku Rajguru might already know about Akku Yadav and how he has committed lots of crimes in the town where he lives.

The documentary series has three episodes in total and depicts the real cases of crimes of Akku Yadav in Kasturba Nagar. Akku Yadav was accused of many assault, theft, murder, and r@pe cases, and how he used to torture his villagers is shown in the series.

Just like the previous seasons, the series speaks to the survivors and residents of Kasturba Nagar, Akku Yadav friends & families, victims of his crimes, news journalists of that time, and social workers.

Talking about the execution of the series is very brilliantly executed and shown in detail, It not only covers the aspect of his crimes but also tells us about how Akku Yadav really is and how everything starts, and what led the innocent and common working villagers to take such a step where they are compelled to murder him by taking law in hands in the broad daylight in the courtroom.

Each episode of the series talks about various stages of his crimes and how everything starts. How he used to torture his villagers, how he assaulted them by going to their houses, how he murdered one of his friends in broad daylight, and how he was murdered by his own villagers in the courtroom. The testimonials of the women from Kasturba Nagar regarding his crimes will shock you.

The writer-director of the series Umesh Vinayak Kulkarni has also shown the lynching case at the courtroom where more than 100 residents of Kasturba Nagar mobbed and attacked Akku Yadav in the courtroom and ripped him apart into pieces.

The intense BGM and cinematography of the series are also very good. A few scenes from the series will give you goosebumps and a few testimonials of the series will keep you thinking about how Akku Yadav is so inhuman to do such things.

This season of the “Indian Predator” series has more emotional connection than its previous seasons where people can relate more to the victims and what they have faced. This season is so far the best among all its previous 2 seasons. This season truly depicts how unity is strength and women’s power.

By considering all the factors I am going with 3.5 stars for the third season of the series.

Rating: 3.5/5



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