Mrs Serial Killer Ending : So you have just finished watching the new release original movie Mrs. Serial Killer on Netflix and you are confused, what actually happens at the end? , here we are going to tell you about the ending of the movie and the questions like is there season 2 or part of the movie coming ?, why lawyer helped the Doctor Joy ? and many more things stay tuned.

What Happens At The End?

When Shona ( Jacqui) comes following doctor Joy ( Manoj Bajpayee), she founds that Doctor is the real serial killer, the doctor tied her with rope but somehow she ended up in texting the Police cop Imran, he reaches there, and then the background story is revealed by the doctor that he hates the unmarried pregnant girls and all other like killing of the Imran’s sister, in end there is fight and somehow they managed to half-dead the doctor and put themselves in hospital.

Now In the Hospital when cop Imran came to know that the doctor is alive as said by the doctor , he ran away towards the doctor room, but the doctor was not there, in the end, we have seen the lawyer, who rescued the Doctor in court and His wife comes to take the Doctor away from the hospital. The conclusion is the doctor joi, the lawyer and her wife all were involved in crime.

Is Mrs Serial Killer Part 2 coming?

By looking at the ending and story there is a lot for the second season, but we don’t think after this poor show, Netflix would release another season, the movie is rejected by most of the audiences, you can also check our review of Mrs serial killer. We are 100% sure that there would be no season 2 or part 2 for this movie.

Although there are lots of questions that left answered in the ending, like what happened to the doctor? what happened to Imran and Shona ? would they would go to court again to file against Doctor or not, all these questions are never going to be answered, it all up to us now to think of what we can :-p

This is our’s Mrs Serial Killer Ending Explained, what is your opinion about the ending of the series and whole review, did you liked it or not, please let us know in the comment section, for more updates like this stay tuned with and follow our social handles for digital content news.


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      What else do you expect to explain ?

      Now , days creators are leaving lots for things for viewers to think , same happens, with Extraction too, btw , You can discuss the ending here at the forum

  1. you cannot say 100% sure that there is no part 2. Because there may be a chance of releasing part-2. There is a chance that, they may have completed the second part shooting also with the first part at a time. So, don’t give the wrong information as if you are the director.

      • make part to pleasel on

        WHAT THE HELL ? it was a great movie there might be some people who hate it but there more who like it so please please make part 2

  2. I really love the movie😍and whatever negative comments the movie is getting is unacceptable🙄immediately I finished the movie I quickly came to the internet here to find out if there’s going to be another part🥺because the movie is very nice and I like the fact that she did not kill the pregnant girl and found out her husband is a psycho and that he’s really the serial she can trust her ex boyfriend and start a relationship with him but now that he’s still alive I wonder what’s going to happen now

    • The case is same with mine , I flew here immediately after seeing the movie to know if part 2 is out already,,, pls the movie a deserves a good ending regardless of the reviews you have been getting, I am looking forward to the concluding part ,thanks .

  3. I wanna see Mrs serial killer part 2 please please……..this is our whole request please….. We want to watch this movie……we blv Uh and waiting for Mrs serial killer part 2

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