Monsieur Spade Episode 7: AMC presents a crime thriller series with the famous character Samuel Spade. Samuel Spade is a famous detective who comes to Bezouls at his retirement age to deliver his friend’s daughter to her father. Some incidents take place after the arrival of Samuel which leads to more mysteries.

Samuel settles there and starts his life there while investigating and trying to solve these things. Episode 5 ending was one of the best endings in ‘Monsieur Spade’, especially the scene at the motel where Phillipe and Gazala are at one side of the door with guns pointing and Samuel at the other side of the door pointing the gun.

The tension among them made the episode high. But the ending was tragic due to Jean Pierre’s death. That scene was really unexpected which makes us wait for the next episode. Episode 5 showed the explanation to why Zahid is important and why all the agencies are behind him.

Episode 5 shows Gazala for the first time. She was the sister of Angelique. She had an affair with Phillipe too. Phillipe keeps her for his need to sell Zahid the only person to confirm it’s Zahid is Gazala. The episode shows different aspects from what viewers thought it would be. Gazala’s coming on this episode was an unexpected thing for the viewers.

The last episode revealed Zahid is a mathematical genius from his birth, he can crack any kind of code with his mathematics brain. Rich Saudi families passed him since his birth, they think of him as Mahdi. Samuel found out the warehouse of George and now their identity as agents was revealed.

They told him information about Zahid. Of the episodes released episode 5 was the best one, because of the big mystery it unveiled. All the confusion is now cleared with that episode and we can expect a better ending to what happens to Zahid and others.

The next episode is the finale of the series, as many things were revealed in episode 5 we can expect many things to happen in the finale. Phillip’s and Zahid’s motel is found by Samuel, so we can expect some action from them. We can expect what will be the future of Teresa if Phillip gets killed or jailed.

Phillip’s true potential will be revealed in the final episode. Everything as of now gone very smoothly to make it a fine ending, the only remaining is to check what surprise they have given in the next episode. Will see what they have come up with in the finale.

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The show ends after episode 6. You can also check the Recap and ending of the show. There will be no more episode 7 for the show and if you want to see more, You have to wait for season 2 of the show.



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