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Mission Majnu Is Based On True Story? | Whom? | Which Raw Agent?

Mission Majnu Is Based On Which Person?: So you have just finished watching the Netflix newly released film ‘Mission Majnu’ and now you want to know more about it, In the beginning of the film it is mentioned that the film is inspired from the Real Life true events and here we are going to answer some of your questions like the film is based on Which Raw Agent? or Which Person?.

Here We are going to Clear all your doubts and questions related to the film, The film is around 2 Hours long and now available to watch online on Netflix in Hindi audio, Now jumping to the Topic.

The film is based on True events, The film revolves around the story of Pakistan’s First Nuclear Test and how Indian RAW Agents stopped the test, The film also shows the actions taken by then Prime Minister Moraji Desai, which later resulted in the Killings of Various RAW Spy agents in Pakistan.

Now coming to the main lead character, Many of you may ask about the Main lead character, Amandeep Ajitpal Singh, The character of Amandeep in Not based on any real Spy Agents, as per the Government records of any official data, No RAW agent named Amandeep was active in Pakistan, There are high chances that the names in the film are changed to maintain the Privacy and to avoid the leaks .

The character of Mr. Rao is also based on the Real life Character of Mr. R.N Rao who is also the Founder and then the First RAW Cheif, The character of Moraji Desai, is also based and inspired from the then Prime Minister Moraji Desai, On the same Note, All the characters from Pakistan Side are also based on the Real Life People.



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