Mirzapur 2 Review: The wait is finally over for all the fans who were desperately waiting for the second season of Mirzapur 2. Amazon Prime’s crime drama returned with its second season after a wait of two years, here in the post we are going to review season 2, we would also talk about the performances, plot, and few other details of the series.

The web series stars Pankaj Tripathi, Diveyandu, Ali Fazal, and Sweta Tripathi in main lead roles, the season 2 also stars Vijay Varma in a crucial role, the web series is created by Karan Anshuman, Gurmeet Singh, and Puneet Krishna.

The story moves ahead from season 1, just like the previous season, Guddu Pandit and Munna Bhaiya both want to rule over Mirzapur, but there is a third entry in the form of Sharad Shukla (Son Of Lt. Rati Shankar Shukla, King Of Jaunpur). The stakes are high this time in Mirzapur. With Munna Tripathi getting a free hand from his father, he is all set to expand his empire beyond Mirzapur. While Guddu Pandit is with Golu and both of them are training hard to take revenge against the Tripathi’s. Sharad Shukla also wants Mirzapur, the series is full of Fights, attacks, Politics, and lust, and the reason is common, Everyone wants to rule over Mirzapur, who would rule, to know this you have to watch the series.

The actors have done a brilliant job just like the previous season, Pankaj Tripathi is a legend as always, I can’t judge his performances, Ali Fazal and Diveyndu Sharma is the same as season 1, you would never feel that you are watching the series after 2 years, the performances, locations everything is just as good as the season 1. The best and noticeable part about the series is the empowerment of female lead especially Rashika Duggal as Veena and Sweta Tripathi as Golu they both are just brilliant.

The major drawback of the series is its dialogues and lose of the plot, it feels like the series has lost its charm of season 1, the plot looks dull in the beginning and in the middle too, one of the reason is over expectations, there is so much of hype and I am sure that series is not at that level. the series is good and but if we compare it from season 1, it looks a little dull, there is more of politics and mid games, then the Mirzapur type things.

  • Positives:

Performances, Mind Games, Dark.

  • Negatives:

Same Story, Dialogues, Editing

we are going with 3.5 out of 5 stars for the series, the series looks good if we watch it as a single series but it lost it’s charm when we compare it with season 1, now all eyes are on season 2, and hope that would be bigger and better than both seasons. Watch the series is lower expectations and you would enjoy it, Just to inform you the series is approx 9-10 hours long and all episodes are streaming on Prime Video in Hindi audio.

  • Name Of The Series – Mirzapur
  • Season: 2
  • Total No. Of Episodes: 10
  • Duration: Approx 1 Hour Each Episode
  • Release Date: 23rd Oct. 2020
  • Parents Guide: Not Suitable For Family
  • Rating: 3.5/5
  • Did I Liked It? : Yes

This was our Mirzapur Season 2 Review, what are your opinions about it?, what do you think about Mirzapur season 2, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts and updates like this on web and digital release, stay tuned with us.


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