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Lust Stories 2 Story 4 Explained | Netflix | Kajol, Kumud Mishra

Lust Stories 2 Story 4 Explained Who Is Rekha?: The last and final story of “Lust Stories 2” is “Tilchatta” by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, starring Kajol and Kumud Mishra in the lead roles. This story is set in rural Rajasthan. There is a man known as the “Maharaja” who rules that area. He is also a drunkard and comes home late from work, where he rapes his wife.

This demonstrates the male dominance in a rural area, where men can do whatever they want to women. His own son hates him, and his wife despises him.

Devyani is his wife, who used to be a prostitute. She is helpless with this man and unable to find happiness. Helplessly, she calls a woman with whom she used to be friends in the brothel. The woman tells Devyani that she used to be the queen of that brothel but became a prostitute under the “Maharaja’s” roof.

Devyani and her son realize that they are trapped in this situation, so she tells her son to study hard so that they can leave the country and go to England. We also understand Devyani’s need as she wants her son to become well-established and educated. Her needs prove that she has become blinded by wealth.

Devyani’s client once told her that one of her girls is suffering from a deadly disease. After hearing this, Devyani sees an opportunity to kill her husband. She hires a girl named Rekha, who is also a prostitute and works on seducing the Maharaja. Devyani gives her saree to Rekha to make it easier for her husband to be attracted to her.

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However, too many needs can end up with nothing. Devyani’s plan to use Rekha to kill her husband backfires when she finds out that Rekha has started having sex with her son. Since Rekha has AIDS, her son becomes infected as well. Devyani’s foolishness and desire for revenge take everything from her.



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