Love Death and Robots Season 2 Review: Netflix is back with the Vol 2 of the highly anticipated adult animated science-fiction anthology series. Those who have seen 1st season must already know this is one of kind, arguably best-animated anthology series ever made. Yes, you read that right, Vol 2 is now streaming on Netflix with Hindi and English audio and English subtitles.

I watched this series with English audio and subtitle and so giving a review for that only. The series has every element a science fiction series may have in some episode or other i.e. action, suspense, thriller, horror, fantasy, futuristic with an exception of comedy. Every episode has a runtime of approx 8-20 min, so they are short and fast-paced. That’s a good part about the show if you don’t like some story it gets over pretty quickly. Every story is well written, really good, exciting, with 2 exceptions I’ll mention later.

Just like Vol 1, the animation level is at just the next level, sometimes you don’t even feel that it’s an animation. Every small detail is created really nicely in all of the episodes. Overall all stories have some similarities and some different aspects so it would not be easy to judge all at once. Though Vol 2 is not as exciting as 1st one, you won’t be disappointed with this one as well.

There are 8 stories in Vol 2, I am listing them in descending order of goodness;

1. Automated Customer Service
2. Snow In The Desert
3. Pop Squad
4. Ice
5. The Tall Grass
6. All Through The House
7. Life Hutch (stars Michael B Jordan)
8. The Drowned Giant

Among these except “Life Hutch” and “The Drowned Giant” all other stories are really great and I loved all of them. The series is rated strictly A + for Skin Show, language, and violence. But, I would say it is definitely more family-friendly than Vol 1. The episode “The Drowned Giant” contains a brief skin show, otherwise, there is not much skin show and language is also not severe. but, violence is throughout the series.

I am going with 3.5 out of 5 for the series, Love Death and Robots is still simply the best-animated science fiction anthology series out there. I would have gone for 4.0 ratings if “Life Hutch” and “The Drowned Giant” episodes were not there. You should definitely watch this anthology series on Netflix if you are an animation lover.

REVIEW BY – NITIN (iNSTA – @nksheokand)

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