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Let’s Get Divorced Episode 5 : Recap, Summary And Ending Explained

Let’s Get Divorced Episode 5: We are covering the Episode wise recap of the show and now here we are going to cover the Episode recap of Episode 5 of Let’s Get Divorced. You can also check the Recap and all other Episode recaps of the show.

The secret weapon is BSL-4. Yui doesn’t know anything about it. Taishi’s mother thinks her son knows about it, but he also doesn’t know anything about it. Go Soda may be able to attack this, calling it a waste of taxpayers’ money. Saotome tells everyone that BSL stands for Bio Safety Level, a national virus research center used to classify virus risk levels.

In the middle of the BSL lecture, Taishi meets with his high school friend Shingo, who is escorted out instantaneously. BSL-4 was Taishi’s father’s dream project, which Taishi didn’t fully understand.

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Henry hints to Inden about Yui’s affair with a pachinko player. Kyoji comes to Ehime to meet Yui. Inden and Taishi work together to find out about Yui’s new boyfriend.

Yui is busy preparing for the election but also takes out time for Kyoji. Taishi starts feeling proud of being his father Kiichiro Shoji’s son after learning that his father had visionary ideas. Yui is shocked by the idea that Kyoji has moved to Ehime. Mimata also comes to Ehime, and Soda asks for her help to arrange a meeting with Taishi. He thought that she might be calling him to meet and have sex, but Soda gives him a copy of the questions he will be asking Taishi in the debate.

Kyoji and Yui are romancing when she learns that her mother was stabbed by one of her lovers, and she is shocked by this news. She decides to go back to Tokyo the next day.

When Yui reaches home the next day, she finds that her mother is completely fine and it was just a cut caused by her lover’s girlfriend. Yui is very irritated because she came all the way, leaving all her preparations unattended.

An online debate is set up instead of a television debate because it has more influence. Go Soda and Taishi compete with each other in the debate. Soda attacks Taishi with BSL questions. Taishi handles the BSL questions with confidence, but Soda changes the topic to nepotism in the government, on which Taishi remains quiet.

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Taishi is praised in the party speech for the good debate, where Yui reminds him of divorce. Taishi’s mother visits shopping areas to ask for votes. Taishi and Yui have some fun eating together and talking about their affair, divorce, their like minds, and many other things. They seem like a happy couple.

The episode ends the next day when Yui calls for pregnancy kits and finds out that she is pregnant. She is shocked by the news.



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