Kushi Movie Budget: Kushi is a highly anticipated movie of this year that was finally released in theaters. When the motion posters were released, fans predicted that this was going to be another musical chartbuster movie. But when the songs were released, only 5 out of 2 did well and were actually liked by everyone.

Since this is a pan-Indian movie, the songs were also released in multiple languages. Kushi did well on its first day but wasn’t able to gain much. The collection wasn’t up to the mark.

Now, we’re going to tell you about the budget of the movie.

Kushi was made with a budget of 40-45 Crores. The amazing thing is that the movie had so much hype that the non-theatrical rights were sold for a whopping amount. The budget of the movie is really high, and Vijay and Samantha are charging high for their movies. Before this, Samantha appeared in Yashoda, which was a flop at the box office.

Kushi needs to collect 70-80 Crores at the box office to achieve a hit tag. But the movie is already in profit. Let’s see how this movie will perform at the box office.



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