Kirti Mehra From Punjab: A clip from Bigg Boss OTT has gone viral where Elvish Yadav mentions that his girlfriend is waiting for him, and she is from Punjab. After the clip went viral, many viewers started looking for the hometown of Kirti Mehra, who is said to be the ex-girlfriend of Elvish Yadav. Here, we will provide you with the details.

Starting with the hometown of Kirti Mehra, she is from Ludhiana, Punjab, and belongs to a proper Punjabi family. Although she lived in Delhi and studied there, she later shifted to Gurugram. Elvish revealed that his girlfriend is from Punjab; however, he didn’t mention her name or any other specific details.

The whole incident took place during the Bigg Boss finale event where Tony Kakkar and Asees Kaur were performing. When Tony asked Elvish about his girlfriend, Elvish mentioned that she is waiting for him outside and is from Punjab.

After the clip, many assumed that this was about Kirti Mehra. However, various reports and data on Twitter suggest that Kirti and Elvish broke up a long time ago, and this was not about Kirti. Nevertheless, confusion still remains, and only Elvish can clear that up.

We hope this clears all your doubts about Kirti Mehra’s hometown. What are your thoughts on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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