“King Of Kotha” Day 2 Collection: Unfortunately, “King Of Kotha” is going to be a massive flop in the Hindi belt. There are no shows, no screens, and no promotions. Despite this, the movie is being promoted as a pan-Indian film. It’s likely that this movie will leave theaters soon in the Hindi language.

Currently, it is running with only 4-5 shows per day in Hindi. Even in Mumbai, the main city of Hindi movies, no occupancy has been recorded.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1: 6.70 Crores

Day 2: 3 Crores

Total worldwide collection: 9.70 crores

Total Indian net collection: 9.70 crores

This collection includes all the languages.

Dulquer’s previous films like “Chup” and “Sita Ramam” did an excellent job on the big screens as well as on OTT platforms. “Sita Ramam” is still considered a classic romantic masterpiece. The reviews for “King Of Kotha” are also quite average.

This movie doesn’t reach the level of “Pushpa.” It’s also not performing well in other languages. The only decent business is being recorded in the Malayalam language.



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