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Ji-man In ‘Unlocked’ Netflix | Who Plays? Actor Name?

Ji-man In ‘Unlocked’ Netflix: One of the most crucial characters from the Netflix original film Unlocked is Ji Man, here goes the details about more of his films and some more information about his role in the film.

Ji-man is one of the main lead characters from Netflix’s Unlocked, Ji-man is a Detective who is chasing the culprit of a murder case. Why is he connected in this movie? You will know it while watching Unlocked on Netflix.

Who Played the role of Ji-man in Netflix’s Unlocked?

South Korean actor Kim Hee-won played the lead role of Ji-man in Netflix’s Unlocked. Kim Hee-won was seen in films like The Divine Move 2: The Wrathful, Another Child, Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong, The King’s Case Note, Best Friend, The King’s Case Note, and Series like Doubtful Victory, Listen to Love, Moving, Lights, and Shadows, Misaeng: Incomplete Life, Angry Mom, Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight, Doubtful Victory and more.



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