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Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending & Summary Explained | Netflix

Unlocked (2023) Movie Ending & Summary: Unlocked is a Korean psychological thriller drama film directed by Kim Tae-Joon that is based on the popular Japanese film Stolen Identity and follows the story of a girl whose phone is lost and then returned, but with a twist: her phone is used as spyware by someone who tries to see all her details, as we see in this film.

In this article, I will tell you about the proper ending explanation of this film, and I will try to clear up all the details about the ending explanation. If we find any details, then this article is perfect because it clears up your doubt, which we see in this article.

As the story progresses, we see that Na-Mi, with the assistance of Ji-Man and his forces, attempts to locate the Jun-Yeong who is stalking her; we also see that Ji-Man knows that Na-Mi’s life is in danger because Jun-Yeong turns out to be a serial killer, so she decided to use her phone to try to take everything from Jun-Yeong and tell him to come to her apartment, where a detective is also present to catch her.

When Jun-Yeong arrives, the detective is unable to locate him, and he misses; then, we see that Na-Mi suggests turning off her phone, and Jun-Yeong is unable to track her; whereas, Na-Mi still connected with the detective and left her father’s house; but later, Jun-Yeong is able to track her, and we see that Na-Mi comes face to face with him.

Jun-Yeong explains why he betrayed Na-Mi, saying he wanted to show how people connected with their smartphones and how they connected with the phone, and threatening to kill her, but his plans fail when Ji-Man arrives and they catch the criminal, he is still in police custody.

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Following that, we learn that the killer is someone else who is still after her, but the police are unable to track him down because they have no identity. Later, we see that in the last scene, there is still a person who is still clicking Na-Mi’s picture, and the film ends.

This is all about the ending explanation, and I hope you found all of the details. Please let me know in the comment box how much you like this film.



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