Jehanabad Sonyliv Review: SonyLiv’s newly released original show Jehanabad Of Love & War claims to be based upon the 2005 Jailbreak that happened in Jehanabad, Bihar, the show has 10 episodes, I just finished the show, and here goes the detailed review of the show.

There are a total of 10 episodes in the show and all episodes are around 40 Minutes long, The show is available to watch in Hindi audio with subtitles on the SonyLiv, There are some kissing sequences and some uses of abuse in the show and if you are okay with it, You can watch the show with Family.

Coming to the story of the film, film revolves around a Left Leader Deepak Kumar, He is Inside the Jail and his Friends and Party Members are Planning something big to get him out of Jail, How do Kasturi Mishra A local Jehanabad Girl, and Abhimanyu Singh, A English literature Professor gets into this, The show will tell You.

I don’t understand, why makers promote the show and films in the name of the real story, The show is said to be inspired by a real story, but it looks like the makers didn’t even research a bit, The story is aimless and it looks like some old 90s Romantic drama film, The ending is one of worst ending in the Indian web show space, there is not even 1% similarity between the real and reel incidents, the show starts with lots of Promies but it turns out to be a Joke in the name of True story.

There is story is from 2005 and they way the Character of Kasturi is written, shows that there was research made while writing the show, The Girl is talking about S3x in the family with her Mother and Father openly, which was next to impossible in Bihar those days, There are so many loopholes in the show, and the character writing is one of the biggest flaws in the show.

Coming to the performances, Harshita Gaur is brilliant and she was too good in her role, Her accent, performance everything was amazing, Ritvik also looks great and he has done an amazing job, his transformation in the show was Just mindblowing. Parambrata Chattopadhyay as Deepak was Good as always and the same was with Satyadeep Misra. Rajat Kapoor as a Local Politician fits into the Character, the rest of the other actors were decent.

The music and the BGM of the show are Great, and the Romantic tracks of the show are Just good to listen to, The locations of the film again look unrealistic, and there is Plane and fully maintained roads in the series, which was again next to impossible in Bihar during 2005.

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If you are looking for a Routine and Predictable love story with nothing special in it, Then you may watch the show, If you are looking for a spine-chilling story of Bihar Based on Real Incidents, I will advise you to skip the show.

Rating: 2.5/5



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