Jawan Day 1 Collection: “Jawan is targeting 80-90 Crores on its Day 1; this is really huge. Jawan is going to take over the box office soon. This will set the box office on fire for sure. SRK’s fan base is crazy; fans really booked whole cinema halls on the first day only. After a very long time, we witnessed SRK doing promotions for a movie.

Jawan was scheduled to release in July, but due to VFX work, Red Chilies postponed the movie to September. Even after the postponement, Jawan generated great hype. This hype is really huge; no movie can match this hype.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1;

  • Hindi Version: 65 Crores
  • Tamil and Telugu: 10 Crores

Total Indian Net Collection – 75 Crores*

Total Worldwide Collection – 85-90 Crores*

Jawan was already houseful on its first day; it was recorded as houseful in India, and it was also recorded as houseful overseas. Saturday and Sunday numbers are definitely going to shock you. Jawan is performing tremendously at the box office.”



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