Indian Police Force Episode 3: The show is turning out to be another cop and Terrorist thriller and there is nothing new in the show till Now. I hope Rohit does some magic in an upcoming episode. The vfx is also not up to the mark in a few sequences and a lot of work is needed.

Episode 3 is titled “The Hunt.” The episode begins with a lady looking for her girl, and she is asking everyone about her with the photographs of her daughter. Later on, we get to know that the lady is a police officer, and she informs Kabir that Shadab and his teammates are inside that house.

Special Cells surround the whole house, but the terrorists start firing from inside, and in an encounter, police kill 3 of the terrorists while one police officer is dead. Zaara tries to run away from there, but Vikram chases him. However, Zarar runs away, taking a child hostage, and shoots Vikram in the chest. Kabir chases Zarar, but he escapes on a bike.

Kabir and Tara are involved in an argument, and meanwhile, we get to see that Vikram succumbed to injuries. Kabir can’t handle this shock and trauma. Zarar and Sikku get a call from Rafiq, and he asks them to go underground for some days. Zarar and Sikku reach Darbhanga, and on the other hand, Kabir is dismissed from the case for his peace of mind. However, Kabir is not happy after this.

Episode 3 ends with Haidar’s call to Nafisa.

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