Gutar Gu Ending Explained: Recently releases Amazon Mini Tv original show Gutargu is being loved by the audiences, the show is rom-com teen Drama series with 6 episodes, each episode is around 30 Minutes long and the show is now streaming on the Platform.

The ending of the show raises the chances for another season, however, there are many who are confused about the ending Explanation of the show. Here we are going to give you a small Recap and ending Explanation of the show.

The story starts in a Coaching Center, where Ritu A Girl From Gurgaon meets with a Local Bhopali boy ‘Anuj’. It was shocking for Anuj that a Girl is approaching him, but Ritu likes his Simplicity and slowly they fall in love with each other.

Everything was going well and all of sudden, we get to see the entry of the Old Friends of Ritu, who comes to Visit Bhopal, Here Anuj got Embraced and Humiliated by one of his friends of Ritu. This creates tensions between them and they stop talking to each other, after a few days, They meet at Sunset Point and there Anuj Promised that he will never fight with Ritu Again.

Everything was back on Track Now, Valentines were near and the couple Plans for a Valentine’s Day date, Anuj was busy in arranging money to give some presents to Ritu, and Anuj’s Younger brother helps him. Anuj and Ritu then go on a date on the 14th with their friends, The bill of the Restaurant was around 6000 and it goes out of budget for everyone. Ritu tried to Pay the bill with her Card, but her card was declined, Some Ritu’s Father came to know about this, and the situation was sorted after that.

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The biggest problem in their relationship was yet to come, One fine day, Anuj’s Mother came to knowledge about all these things, and after that, she took the Phone, Laptop, and all other sources from which Anuj can talk with Ritu.

Day Pass, Both Ritu and Anuj are preparing for their College entrance examination, On the Day of the Result, Ritu comes to Anuj’s house and there she reveals that she is going to Ahemadabad as she has been selected the College. In the other frame, we get to see that, Anuj’s Parents are celebrating as Anuj is selected for Bhopal Engineering College.

The episode ends here, But the question remains the same, What Will Happen To Anuj and Ritu? What Will Happen to their relationship? Although the show ends at the opening ending here we will try to give our theories related to the show.

The future of their relationship will be revealed in season 2 of the show, But one thing is sure, They are going to continue in their relationship, We may get to see the Long Distance relationship between them in season 2 of the show, There is also a chance that Ritu May manages to stay in the Bhopal itself.

This was ours Gutar Gu Ending Explained which was released today on Amazon Mini Tv, what do you think about the show?, Please let us know in the comments.



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