‘Guntur Kaaram’ Day 6 Collection: Mahesh Babu Starrer ‘Guntur Kaaram’ was released at the box office last week and the film made a huge start at the box office. The film fell badly after that and now Hanuman is taking over that film after the Positive word of mouth. The collections are now going down and down and weekdays are going to be very crucial for the film. Here goes the Day 7 Collection and box office data for the film.

The film made around 41 Crores on Day 1 India including all the versions and then the collection goes down to 13 Crores on Saturday and then around 14 Crores on Sunday. Monday was Holiday but the film failed to go up and made only 14 Crores. The next day was another down for the film and the film makes around 12 Crores.

The film is going to make around 8 crores on Day 6 and a low-budget movie Hanuman is going to overtake Guntur Kaaram from today. The content and audience’s word of mouth are playing a big role here and it will be interesting to see the clash between these films on Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the Daywise Box Office Numbers For The Film;

  • Day 1 – 41.30 Crores
  • Day 2 – 13.50 Crores
  • Day 3 – 14 Crores
  • Day 4 – 14.10 Crores
  • Day 5 – 11.50 Crores
  • Day 6 – 8 Crores

Total Indian Collections: 95 Crores Approx.

  • Day 5 Collection For Hanuman: 12.80 crores
  • Day 6 – 10 Crores

Hanuman Total Collection: 69 Crores

The total collection of the film in India is now around 102 Crores and it looks like the film will be a Big Flop on the box office and it wil be finished under 130 Crores.


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