Greek Salad Episode 8 Summary & Ending Explained: “Greek Salad” is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to provide you with the summary and ending explanation of the series, so let’s get started. The episode begins with Mia and the current leader of the NGO, Dimitra, attending a meeting with other associations.

There they see Kristos with his new girlfriend, but Mia warns her about him, which she doesn’t listen to. Later during Kristos’ speech, Mia openly reveals that he is not trustworthy, and she leaves. Dimitra follows her and learns about what Kristos might have done to Mia. Mia reveals to Dimitra that Kristos had also assaulted the girl who was working with them before Mia. Meanwhile, Tom now works at the hotel with Reem. Tom has also managed to secure a deal for Reem’s business from “Sintail”. “Sintail” also offers Tom a position in Hong Kong, which he agrees to take.

The reporter who was at the Association meeting earlier comes to meet Mia to ask why she told everyone that Kristos cannot be trusted, but Mia refuses to discuss it and leaves. At this moment, the Association is relocating all its people to the locations that “Paco” had previously found. Shadi and Reem also move to Bassem’s place, leaving Mia, Tom, Guili, and her group in the building. Romain and Tobias,

Tom’s father’s friend and his other friends come to meet Tom and Mia. Mia reveals to her dad that she and Tobias had slept together. Romain also learns about the attempted r@@pe of Mia. The next morning, Mia and Tom close their deal on the building with the help of a lawyer, which leaves them with 100 euros. Later, Tom and Mia, along with the others, watch a play before everyone leaves the building. Mia accepts the offer from the reporter and travels to work with him.

The buyer decides to construct the building as a hotel, and Tom leaves Athens with his father. As he is about to leave, Reem appears and reveals her decision, upon her brother’s suggestion, to confess her love to Tom. The episode ends with the line “No matter what gender or nationality you are, you are all one.”



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