Gadar 2 Day 21 Box Office Collection: “Gadar 2” was loved by everyone and received an immense response. It stands as the biggest blockbuster of this year. Fans are curious to know what will happen in the next part. Anil Sharma surprised everyone by announcing the third part of “Gadar.” He’s also giving a lot of fame to his son, Utkarsh Sharma. While he’s performing well in movies, his acting skills aren’t up to the mark. Let’s see what his future ventures hold.

Here is the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1: 40 Crores
Day 2: 43 Crores
Day 3: 51 Crores
Day 4: 39 Crores
Day 5: 55 Crores
Day 6: 32 Crores
Day 7: 23 Crores

Day 8: 20 Crores
Day 9: 32 Crores
Day 10: 41 Crores
Day 11: 13.60 Crores
Day 12: 12 Crores
Day 13: 10 Crores
Day 14: 8.50 Crores

Day 15: 7 Crores
Day 16: 13 Crores
Day 17: 16 Crores
Day 18: 4 Crores
Day 19: 5 Crores
Day 20: 8 Crores
Day 21: 9-10 crores*

Total Collection In India: 484 Crores*

“Gadar 2” is aiming for 500 crores this weekend. However, if it doesn’t manage to earn 500 crores by September 7th, it will be removed from theaters. The fever for “Jawan” is already high. The trailer for “Jawan” will be released tomorrow.

Following the trend in South-style trailers, it is coming out just 7 days before the movie’s release. SRK appears very confident about this movie and has finally started promoting it.


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