Gadar 2 Day 20 Advance Booking: “Gadar 2 is performing well at the box office as it did previously. Soon, this film will be out of theaters due to its limited screen count. ‘Jawan’ will likely take over the box office very soon. Mark my words, ‘Jawan‘ will surely create history. Just 2 days ago, there was no buzz for ‘Jawan.’ Suddenly, fans are getting curious and feeling very excited about it.

Sunny Deol has delivered a hit film after 20 years and displayed a lot of arrogance in interviews. His attitude was on the next level, and he thought that every director would sign him. It’s because of Anil Sharma that Sunny Deol performed well. Otherwise, all of Sunny Deol’s previous movies were big flops at the box office.

‘Gadar 2’ showed a slight growth, mainly due to the Raksha Bandhan Festival. ‘Dream Girl 2’ has already taken over the box office. As of now, ‘Gadar 2’ has sold 50k tickets, and the collection is around 3 Crores. However, ‘Gadar 2’ won’t be able to survive under these conditions. The movie is now having Buy 2 and Get 2 tickets free on Raksha Bandhan and that is going to be massive for the film.

Day 20 Advance Booking As of Now: 3.10 Crores*



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