“Gadar 2” is doing impressive business. Yesterday, “Gadar” earned more than 20 crores. It sounds unbelievable, right? A movie earned 20 crores on a weekday. Now, Saturday and Sunday collections will provide even bigger shocks.

Sunny Deol has given a hit after 20 years and is showing so much arrogance in interviews, which is not right. He believes that he revived Bollywood. “Gadar 2” will be considered a super duper blockbuster of this year. Sunny Deol hasn’t revealed his lineup yet.

Up until now, more than tickets have been sold for the 10th day in advance booking. When the trailer was released, Paytm revealed a “buy 1 get 1” ticket booking offer, and that worked like fire. Users were supposed to purchase the voucher, and they would receive a promo code that helped viewers save money on tickets.

Total Advance For Day 10 – 16 Crores*

Up until now, many audiences are still using that Paytm promo code. The advance booking collection is 16 crores.



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