Flex X Cop Episode 15 Recap and Explained: Disney Plus presents an investigation thriller show called ‘Flex x Cop’. The plot revolves around a rich young man, who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected incident. The rich young man solves impossible cases along with other young cops. He becomes a key detective of the station with his ideas and skills. Eventually, the rich man becomes used to the normal life like other cops in the rest of the story.

Episode 15 begins with the extended conversation from the last episode ending. Isoo and his father having a conversation at the guest house later night. Isoo’s father was drinking and he was in depressed state after the announcement of his resignation from the mayor’s election. Isoo slowly enters the room, he looks at his father’s eyes and asks about the death of his mother. Isoo explained that his mother’s sleeping pills were hidden by him before her death and someone else gave her the pills to make it like a suicide.

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Isoo’s father suddenly felt shocked when Isoo explained his mother’s suspicious death. Isoo blamed his father for ruining her life because of money. Isoo’s father explains that he was unaware of this matter and he was going to sacrifice his company to be with Isoo and his mother, just before her death.

Isoo left the house after an emotional conversation with his father, after some time his father seemed dead while drinking. The next day, his staff arrived and called him many times, but the chairman didn’t wake up. The forensic department starts collecting the evidence. The staff informed Jin Seung Ju that the chairman is no more. He felt shocked to hear the demise of his father. Meanwhile, at the police station, Isoo is checking the case file of his mother’s death.

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He saw many photos taken during her death, he also found out that Lee Kang Hyun’s father investigated the case. Isoo requested Lee Kang Hyun to re-investigate the case secretly because he already resigned from his duties. Suddenly, Hansu group staff came into the police station and talked with Isoo. They informed that the Chairman suicided after the meeting with Isoo. Outside the police station, a bunch of reporters were ready to ask questions about the chairman’s sudden death.

The Secretary of the chairman took Isoo in his car from the police station and went to the mortuary. Jin Seung Ju conducted the funeral ceremony for the chairman, Isoo were already there praying for his father. Suddenly, Jin Seung Ju’s mother came into the funeral home and slapped on Isoo’s face. She blamed Isoo for the death of the Chairman. Later, Jin Seung Ju came in and stopped his mother, ordered the staff to escort her to the hospital.

After the ceremony, Jin Seung Ju and Isoo had a little talk while drinking. Jin Seung Ju asked Isoo about the last moments with his father, he wanted to know what Isoo talked with his father that night. Isoo was mentally depressed after the death of his father, he guarantees that he will talk about it later. Later that night, Lee Kang Hyun had a discussion with her about the death of Isoo’s mother, she explained that there were no sleeping pill bottles found near the chairman’s body. Later, Lee Kang Hyun gets a call from Isoo and she leaves the office to meet him.

Lee Kang Hyun and Isoo discussed about the possibility of Jin Seung Ju’s mother as the culprit. Isoo slowly remembered that on the day his mother’s death, Jin Seung Ju’s mother assaulted his mother at his house. Isoo conveyed the same with Jin Seung Ju, he also confirmed that he will re investigate and catch the culprit of his mother’s murder. Lee Kang Hyun’s team started their investigation on the chairman’s murder, they looked at the possible suspects who had a motive to kill Isoo’s father and mother.

Jin Seung Ju and his mother were the only suspects, after Isoo left the house, someone entered the house at midnight and killed the chairman. The cops looked at the surveillance footage and saw one car getting out of the house at the middle of the night, but they couldn’t spot the person inside the car. Isoo’s secretary hit Jin Seung Ju’s car to find out the dash cam visuals, but the memory card was removed by Jin Seung Ju. He informed Lee Kang Hyun about the missing footage, she became sure that Jin Seung Ju had something to do with the Chairman’s murder.

In the end of the episode, the cops went to the Chairman’s house to enquire about the house worker, the cops asked, who left the house in the middle of the night, but the staff said that both of them were at the house. Later, she called Jin Seung Ju’s mother to inform her about the detective’s enquiry. Jin Seung Ju went to meet his mother that night, he asked her, why she went to meet Isoo’s mother on the day of death. Jin Seung Ju’s mother remembers that he left the house before the Chairman’s death, she thinks he killed her husband.

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Jin Seung Ju finally confessed that he killed the chairman to get hold of the company, he ordered his mother to keep silent about it. At the end of the episode, Jin Seung Ju took charge of the company as the next chairman.

Overall the fifteenth episode is a bit emotional and shocking too. The unexpected changes in Jin Seung Ju is really shocking. The mother’s suicide case looks stretched, Isoo remembering the 25-year-long memories was a bit unacceptable. Let’s see how the finale ends.



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