Flex X Cop Episode 16 Recap and Explained: Disney Plus presents a South Korean investigation thriller show called Flex x cop. The plot revolves around a third-generation young man of a rich family who got appointed to a violent crime investigation unit as a detective due to an unexpected incident that happened in his life. The rich young man kept going with his career as a cop to make his father win the mayor election is the main plot of the show.

The finale episode opens with Lee Kang Hyun and her team finding more leads to catch the real culprit of Hansu chairman’s murder. They posted all their findings and photos on the board, they found out two suspects with upper motives to kill the chairman. One suspect is Jin Seung Ju and the other one is his mother. Unexpectedly, Isoo interfered the team discussion, he heard them talking about the suspects. Lee Kang Hyun conveyed to him that Jin Seung Ju was their prime suspect.

Isoo couldn’t accept it, he explained that Jin Seung Ju’s mother Cho Heeja was also present at the house that day. Even if Cho Heeja was there, she doesn’t know how to drive but still has a licence. So the only possible suspect is Jin Seung Ju. Isoo was shocked by their explanation, he wanted to catch Cho Heeja for his mother’s murder, but Lee Kang Hyun explained that the case had already expired long ago.

Lee Kang Hyun’s father restarts his investigation on Isoo’s mother’s murder. He dropped all the clues he gathered from the last, his wife interfered with him in the middle and told him not to stress much about the past cases. Later Lee Kang Hyun’s father remembers the unidentified fingerprints he gathered from the house during the day of Isoo’s mother’s death. The next day,he went straight to the office and requested his assistant to help him find the case files. While looking at the old case file, they found out that unidentified fingerprints, he sent them to the forensic department to find the results. On the next day, Isoo went to meet the former driver of Cho Heeja.

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He asked about the day of his mother’s death and the driver replied that Cho Heeja went to meet her that day but came back earlier. Same day Jin Seung Ju had an accident and admitted at the hospital, the accident also happened at the same place. Isoo starts doubting Jin Seung Ju for his mother’s death, he calls his secretary and confirms the accident of Jin Seung Ju on the day of his mother’s death.

The next day, Lee Kang Hyun gets more information from her father, he gives her the fingerprint results gathered during Isoo’s mother’s death. When she looked at the results, she found the fingerprints of Isoo and Jin Seung Ju. On the same day, Jin Seung Ju announced his new role as the chairman of the Hansu group through a press meeting. At the press meeting, Isoo asked him about the accident that happened years ago. Jin Seung Ju said that he didn’t know where Isoo lived in his childhood days.

That day, Isoo went to meet Lee Kang Hyun and accidentally read the fingerprint results. Isoo found out that Jin Seung Ju met his mother before her death. Later, Lee Kang Hyun came back to her office and saw the opened files. She found out that Isoo had already seen the fingerprint results and took her gun secretly to kill Jin Seung Ju.

Lee Kang Hyun called her team to find out the location of Isoo and Jin Seung Ju. They went to Isoo’s house with the whole team. Isoo calls Jin Seung Ju to meet him at his house. During the meeting, Isoo asks Jin Seung Ju why did he kill Isoo’s mother. Initially, Jin Seung Ju didn’t accept his crimes, but later he expressed his real face.

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On the day of Isoo’s mother’s death, Cho Heeja was crying, trying to kill herself, as a son Jin Seung Ju couldn’t see her suffer, so he went to Isoo’s house and slept in her juice. In the present time, he did the same to the Chairman, he wants to protect his mother and his future, so he kills the Chairman too.

Isoo explained that his mother and father were innocent people, his father knows about Jin Seung Ju’s real father, but still, he accepted him as his own son. Isoo and Jin Seung Ju had a serious fight for some time, their faces went to red after the fight.

Isoo took the gun out to shoot Jin Seung Ju, but he couldn’t do it. Later, Lee Kang Hyun and the team came in and stopped each other from fighting. Jin Seung Ju couldn’t handle the guilt of killing the chairman, so he confessed himself as the killer. In the finale,Lee Kang Hyun and the team go back to their routine detective life, but they miss Isoo very much. Meanwhile, Isoo got prepared for his new role as the chairman of the Hansu group.

During the inaugural ceremony, he announces that he is not fit for the role of chairman, instead, he appoints his loyal secretary as the new chairman of the company. Lee Kang Hyun and team get a surprise visit from Isoo as a cop. She didn’t apply the resignation of Isoo yet, so he continues his work as a detective. Suddenly, they get a call about a new murder case, and Isoo and the team restart their journey to solve more cases.

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