‘Flex X Cop’ Episode 3 Release Date: Disney presents a detective crime thriller Korean drama with sixteen episodes. The drama is a complete package of fun , action and investigation. It has all the elements to make the audience wait for the upcoming episodes.

The story is about a rich young man who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit because an unexpected incident, how he manages to continue his duties as cop is the rest of the story.

The show premiered this week with two episodes, let’s find out when the third episode and rest of the episodes will be released and also find out what are things will happen on upcoming episodes.

In the recent episodes Jin Yi Soo and Kang Hyun made a deal that if he didn’t catch the killer, he will stop interrupting the detectives, he will even do police desk job or even stay at home. If he catch the killer, Lee Kang Hyun should admit that Jin Yi Soo is capable person to become a detective, she should accept that he is a real cop. Isoo is determined to solve the case sooner and also helping his colleagues.

They already had good lead on the suspect, they went to catch Cheon Taesung. Taesung ordered his bodyguards to protect him from the cops. Taesung may be escaped from the case with his political and money influence.

It seems that the modeling agency had something to do with the murder, but those things are hidden and uncovered. The real truth behind the murder and the relationship between modeling agency and the suspect is still unknown. Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun are confident about catching the real suspect of Ina’ murder sooner. Next episode opening will feature an action sequence with Jin Yi Soo and Lee Kang Hyun going against Taesung’s bodyguards.

Next episode will also showcase some serious changes in Jin Yi Soo’s lifestyle. He wanted to be perfect detective, he want a change from a millionaire’s son to a real detective. He wanted to go back to his old home and start a fresh life as a cop.

He got interested in solving murder cases. We have to wait till next episode to find out will Jin Yi Soo able to catch the real culprit before Lee Kang Hyun does. In addition to that, let’s see if he able to manage the normal life as a government employee from a rich and luxury life.

‘Flex X Cop’ episode three is scheduled to release on February 2. This show consists of sixteen episodes in total. Already two episodes got released this week, from next week we can expect two episodes in all upcoming weeks until the sixteenth episode.



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