There are only a few shows in the TV Show history which are known for its Bugdet. The upcoming Netflix Biggie is also in the news for its Big budget. We are talking about Netflix’s upcoming action drama series ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’. 

The show is all set for release on 22nd Feb. 2024 and there are 8 Episodes in season 1 of the show. many of you were asking about the total budget and per episode cost of Netflix’s upcoming action drama series.

Each episode of the show is made on a mega-budget of 15 Million Dollars. The whole show is made on a huge budget of 120 Dollars which excludes the Promotional cost. The landing cost of this is going to be more than 125 Million dollars and this show is going to be one of the costliest shows in TV History.

The trailer of the show was already released by the makers a few days back and it is being loved globally. The show will release in Multiple audios along with subtitles and as per reports it is going to be the biggest and widest release of Netflix in terms of the dubbed version.

The trailer has more than 5 Million views and around 235k Likes as of now. You may have a look at the official trailer



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