Fatal Seduction Episode 3: The story starts with a flashback story of 10 Years back where we get to see Brenda, Leonard, Ninda, and all others having good family time, After that Brenda and Voyu get Physical with each other.  We also get to see that Brenda is deeply disturbed due r@pe and the murder of a small girl and she asked Voyu to Punish the Criminal, Same Night someone shot Voyu in the leg.

The story now shifts to the present, where we see that Zinhle is still talking to that random guy and Laura, and she asks Nandi to stay away from him. Nandi calls Jacob as he didn’t come to college, and Jacob replies that he is dropping out.

Vuyo meets with the investigator of the case and asks him to close it, as it will affect Nandi’s married life. The officer agrees to close the case. Nandi and Jacob meet again and become intimate once more. During their encounter, Nandi shares the story of her miscarriage with Jacob. Nandi also reveals her plan to leave Leonard soon.

The next morning, Leonard leaves home, saying that he will return tomorrow as their anniversary is the following day. Nandi meets Jacob again, and they get physical once more.

When Nandi is about to leave Jacob’s house, Voyu arrives and tells her that she is making a mistake by cheating on Leonard. Nandi asks him to leave, and when she reaches home, she receives a call from her daughter to pick her up. Nandi goes to that location to pick up her daughter and is shocked to see that it was all a surprise for her, part of Leonard’s plan. She also realizes that Leonard was not cheating on her and that he was planning the anniversary party with Ameera.

By the end of the episode, we discover that Pokeyboy is none other than Jacob, and he is playing with both the mother and daughter.

Episode 3 ends with a shocker, although it was somewhat expected. Now it will be interesting to see what Jacob does to Nandi’s family.

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